Gossamer Wings



Welcome to the website for the new novel "Gossamer Wings." Currently, the book is only available through CreateSpace.com's eStore and on Amazon.com, but we hope to further expand the distribution. There is a Kindle version available now on Amazon, and we hope to have a Nook version ready soon. On this website we have a link to both sites where the book is available, you can preview the first chapter and some excerpts of the book for free, or you can contact me with questions or comments.

Here's the description from Amazon:

Meet Neil Grayson, a good man who's had some bad breaks. In the last twenty-four hours, he's lost his job, his car, and his marriage. He thinks his life is over, but it's just beginning. Neil moves back in with his eccentric parents and their manic mutt, Pickles. His best friend, Robbie, who when he's not quoting conspiracy theories is cracking jokes, gets Neil laughing again despite his misfortunes. Kate, the cute spunky waitress from the quirky eighties-themed diner, The Breakfast Club, hires Neil to paint her ramshackle rooming house on the wrong side of town. It's a house inhabited by Kate's somewhat oddball tenants, but with whom Neil soon begins to feel at home, as a budding romance between Neil and Kate develops. We soon find that danger and mystery lie ahead for Neil as the story unfolds. A brush with death during a car-jacking brings to Neil the realization that life is more important than his past misfortunes. He vows to move on with his life and forget the past. For Neil, that's something that is easier said than done. Neil befriends a mysterious old man and his grandson who move next door. The old man knows a secret from Neil's past that not even Neil knows, and once revealed will change Neil's life forever.